Speaking Texan: A Lil’ Southern Charm

Hi y’all. Earlier today a friend posted a picture on Facebook  explaining the definitions and plurality of  Y’All. Being from the South, I thought it was cute (and true).  I will write it out for you all to see and maybe it will help bridge any communication gaps.

1 =You

2 or more = Y’all

5 + = All Y’all

Let’s go with this shall we?  If you read one of my first blogs during this 3o day challenge I mentioned being multi lingual… I speak Texan. Want to learn a few of our slang words?

If you are not from around these parts we say “fixin’ to”  when we are preparing to do something.  Dinner is “supper”.  “I’ma” is I am. Now to use them in a sentence. “I’ma fixin’ to cook y’alls supper.”

Fixin' to wanderingthistlestudio

“Whatcha doin'” is what are you doing? or What are you up to? Or it can simply  be Whatch y’all doin’? Texans don’t seem to care for “g”s. They just slide on off into the wild blue yonder.

Ready fer more? or “some more”

“Ain’t” means “are not”. example: You ain’t goin’!

Older Texans say this often ” I’ma plumb tuckered out.”  translates to I am exhausted.  “I need to git on home.” or ” I need to git goin'” I am sure you got the jest of this one.

Let’s see…  “how ’bout”… used in a sentence… How ’bout them Cowboys’?

If you want someone to bring you something from across the room or the ranch you might hear “over yonder”  it translates to “over there”.

All of these words are endearing to my ears. I love listening to the older, wiser generation of Texans. The lilt in their voice, the twinkle in their eyes as they reminisce about their younger years. The adventures they had, the lives they lived, the pain they suffered, the dreams they achieved.  You won’t hear too many of these words among the younger ones. So yes, It could be a dying language, or dyin’ language.

More Colorful Texas Sayings

Do y’all have any interesting language tidbits to share from where you are from?

As always…

Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~ TheresaTheresa Wandering Thistle Studio 1459x1469


6 thoughts on “Speaking Texan: A Lil’ Southern Charm

  1. Growing up in Texas, my dad always said “over yonder”. This of course, sounds like proper use of the English language. But when my niece asked him one day “where yonder was”, we laughed and realized this generation may have lost the fine art of Texas language! Thanks for sharing your post…totally makes sense to me!!!

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