Dare To Dream: Learning To Step Out Of The Fringe

Hi everyone, today has been rainy and cool in Texas. I hope your day has been awesome.  Reminds me of a saying I saw at an establishment earlier this week: “Be your own kind of Awesome”.

Sometimes it is hard to step into that role, it may feel awkward and uncomfortable and may be easier to hang out on the fringe. Yet others,  find it to be freeing and take to it like a duck does to water. They may appear to be gliding along, but those little feet are paddling like crazy.  What ever your awesome is, what ever gift God has given you, it’s okay to be you. Be Awesome.

Having a small business is pretty much like this. You either live in the fringe, feeling awkward about promoting yourself or you are gliding along on the surface, running 90 to nothing behind the scenes. We hear it in business classes, social media groups and forums. Get your brand out there in front of your customers.

There are extroverts and there are introverts, but did you know there are those that are a good mix of both? It just comes easier to some than it does to others. I  am here to encourage all the introverts to step forward, out of the shadows of the fringe. Easy for you to say. No, not really. I am a good mix of both. I can promote you all day long, but tend to be more humble about myself. Accepting this 30 day Blog Challenge is to help me get out of the fringe, and being my own kind of awesome.

Dream Wandering Thistle Studio

Something else that was new for me today. I did my very first Periscope. It was less than two minutes but I did it!   Not familiar with Periscope? It is a live streaming global video app owned by Twitter.

Why would someone want to use this? Some use it to share their little window of the world. I plan to use it to connect with you, to share with you some of the day to day behind the scenes activity that takes place at our Soap Studio. To allow you to become more familiar with us and our products.

Download the App to your device, check us out and discover a whole other world.

Wander. Explore.Create. Enjoy. ~ TheresaTheresa Wandering Thistle Studio 1459x1469


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