The Benefits Of A Smoothie

Good morning!  Cheers to a “cuppa joy” and wishing you a wonderful day to enjoy and embrace.

Some mornings are busier than others and we may not always have time to sit and enjoy breakfast. Something we like and often use it as a nutritious snack, as well as, a fruit smoothie loaded with all kinds of yummies.

Mango Smoothie  has four basic ingredients and can easily be adapted to your preferences.  Add fresh ginger ( as much or little as you like) I prefer spicy so I add a good bit.

 ginger 2 wandering thistle studio 1658x1661

Then add 1 cup of fresh or frozen Mangoes, depending upon the season.

mango wandering thistle studio 1824x1827

Add those to the blender, top it off with a cup of Almond milk. If you like it thinner in texture you can add filtered water or more almond milk.

milk wandering thistle studio 1920x1923

Top it off with  dash or two of cinnamon.  Other ingredients can be added including flaxseed, chia seeds, berries, local honey etc. Blend and enjoy a refreshing beverage that is full of vitamins and a bold taste.

smoothie wandering thistle studio 1430x2052

Mangoes: This beautiful, sweet, golden-orange fruit is loaded with benefits. It has anti-oxidants that are known to help protect our bodies from certain types of cancers such as breast, colon, leukemia, & prostrate. It is rich in potassium, iron, and has high levels of vitamin C & A.

Almond Milk  is one of my newest loves. You can make your own or purchase a variety of flavors.  Benefits of drinking almond milk includes: boost immune system, helps to protect against cancer, helps repair damaged skin, helps to strengthen muscles, skin & organs, helps to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, and beneficial for eyesight. I have included a link to some research abstracts if you care to review.

Ginger:  A spicy rhizome that also has wonderful benefits. I prefer to use fresh, organic Ginger, but you can use powder if you like. Many will use ginger to help with fighting colds and flu, nausea, menstrual & muscular pain.  I have found it to be helpful with reducing inflammation in my joints. Feel free to research the many benefits of including ginger into your diet.

Cinnamon: Who doesn’t love cinnamon? This common spice is full of anti-oxidants and has been known to aid the body in fighting inflammation as well, among many other maladies. There are two varieties of Cinnamon: Ceylon and Cassia. Ceylon is considered the true cinnamon and Cassia is a lesser variety that is most available.  While researching this I discovered Cassia has higher levels of Coumarin and can be considered unhealthy in large doses. Here is a study if you care to review further.

Do you have a favorite smoothie or fruit drink? I would love to try it.

Wander. Explore. Create. Enjoy. ~Theresa

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